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A brief description about us ! Viveros Estepona y Jardinería Natural S.L. Gardens designed by landscapers, adapted to our clients technical, aesthetical and budgetary needs. Jardinería Natural is a company with over 50 year experience, specialized in private gardens, urbanisations and park design, maintenance and construction.
Founded by landscapers, agricultural engineers, construction experts, gardeners, builders... comprehensive service is offered from garden design to the setting and maintenance of all the elements, taking on the whole civil work: fountain installation, pergolas, decking, paths, walls, watering systems and illumination. We have our own 16,000 m2 nursery land in Estepona (Rio Padrón), Málaga.

Our Objetive: Our objective is to get the best result, at a competitive price, offering the best service. In our own nursery "Viveros Estepona", you will find many variety of palm trees, tropical plants, fruit plants, pots, substrates, etc.

Jardinería Natural

Types of Gardens

The Contemporany Garden Most of the gardens made at present are an adaption of the English landscaping style wich features curved lines imitating nature with large lawn areas as well as lakes, ponds or the introduction of arquitectural an sculptural elements from other times or exotic regions. Photo Gallery

The Classic Garden Due to our deep knowledge of the History of gardening, we reinterpret concepts, plants and materials used in other times and civilisations, adapting them to the actual situations with fabulous results.
Photo Gallery

The Provenzal Garden These gardens are the best adapting to rustic environment, as a big amount of local plants are used. Easy maintenance and not especial watering conditions.Very resistant varieties of lawn, herbaceous-type varieties, etc are used to create the meadow, or they may even be replaced with gravels, clay, pine bark, etc.
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The Xerogardening There are circumstances which require to use plants which grow little watering needs. The right combination of plants and “ground covering” materials, which avoid transpiration and growing of weed, is relevant.In such cases, the right combination of "creeping" plants and covering materials, wich prevent soil transpiration and the growing of weeds, becomes highly important.
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What we Offer?

Maintenance of Garden's and Pools

Comprehensive Garden Design Comprehensive garden design, building, improvements.

Small Garden Civil Work Small garden civil work : paths, stairs, retaining walls, rockery, bridges, lakes, fountains, pergolas, decking, etc.

Phytosanitary Treatments Phytosanitary treatments: healing and preventive against processionary palm red weevil, as well as all the plagues attacking gardens.

Technical gardening reports

Technical advice in building and maintenance

Watering and illumination outdoor systems

Pruning and tree felling

Plot vegetation clearing and fencing

Jardinería Natural Projects

Details of our Constructions

Private Villas

Urb. Sierra Blanca, Marbella: C/Wagner P-1/2/3.P-5 y P-6 ; Cl Vivaldi 17 — C/Sibelius 23 y 24. Cl Bach 141 Urb. Sierra Blanca Country Club: D-10 y D-11. lstan. Urb. Los Flamingos, Estepona: Paroelas : 39,41,95 y 133. Urb. Sotogrande Alto y La Reserve de Sotogrande: Cl Faisan 20 ;C/ Fatiga 17 y 18 - C/Guadalquivir 627 -Cl Maravillas 44. Urb. Coto La Zagaleta,Benahavis: Finca Los Olivos, Finca Monte Roble y Reforma Los Arrayanes. Urb. Los Arqueros, Benahavis: Casa n° 61 y 78. Urb. Montemayor, Benahavis, casas: D-10, D-7, E-22, B-14, H-1, E-14, L-2, B-19, C-8. Urb. Cerrado de Elviria, Marbella: C/ Acacias n° 25/36 - 37/38/39 n° 51/52 /56. Urb. Las Cumbres, Marbella: Paseo de Venezuela n° 219 - Paseo de Austria n° 405. Urb. Marbella Club Golf Resort, Benahavis: Casa Luna. Urb. El Mirador, Marbella: C/Los Almendros n° 79 y 80. Urb. Atalaya de Rio Verde,Marbella: C/Joan Miro n° 38. Urb. Paraiso Alto, Estepona: Cl Salvia n°395-B. Casa Mar y Luna. Urb. Monte Biarritz, Estepona: E-9. Urb. Jardines de Nagueles, MarbelIa: Villa n° 5. Urb. Guadalmina Baja, Marbella: Villa 217, Casa La Escondida, Villa 24 C/7. Urb. Los Verdiales, Marbella: Villa n° 14 A/B. Urb. Altos de Marbella, Marbella: Cl Adclfas Casa n° 71. Urb. Altos Reales, Marbella: Fase 1 n° 2 y Fase 2 n° 38. Urb. El Rosario, Marbella: C/ Los Pinos, casa n° 111 y 361. Urb. Bahía de Marbella, Marbella: Plaza de la Farola n° 12 y 18.


Urbanización Aloha 1° Fase (Nueva Andalucía, Marbella ) Conjunto La Carolina Park (Ctra. 340 , Marbella) Ancon Sierra — Fase III (Urb. Lomas del Marbella Club. Marbella) Conjunto La Isla (Urb. Rio Verde, MarbeIIa) Pueblo La Isla (Nueva Andalucía, Marbella) Edif. Gray d`Albion (Puerto Banus. Marbella) Edif. Palacio de Congresos (Ctra.34O , Marbella). Nazaria Edif. Puerta Grande (Ctra.340 , Marbella). Nazaria Edif. Las terrazas de la marina ( Crta.340, Marbella ). Obarinsa. Edif. Ellseo (Ctra.340, Benalmadena) Residencial Albor (Urb. El Mirador, Marbella). Codilén. Residencial La Palmera (Ctra.340, Estepona) Urb. Los Montoros (Urb. XarbIanca, Marbella) Casa Club Condes de Iza (EI Rodeito, Marbella) Urb. Aldea Dorada Fase I (Nueva Andalucía, Marbella) Centro Comercial La Paloma de Manilva (Ctra. 34O, Manilva) Adosadas Casas Mallorquinas (Monte Hacho, Puerto de la duquesa) Adosadas Carril de la Mina (Urb. El Mirador, Marbella) Adosadas Cortijo de Calahonda (Calahonda, Malaga) Villas Coto de los Dolores (Las Lomas de Elviria, Marbella) Villas Hoyo n° 5 (Guadalmina Alta Marbella) Europromotora Crisan. Villas Riviera del Sol (Riviera del Sol, Calahonda) Villas Las Giraldillas (Selwo area, Estepona) Promotora Eurogoll.

Public Places

Deutsche Bank -Puerto Banus, Pto Punta Portal's-P. de Mallorca, Clínica BuchingerGardening Award, Marbella, Platinium Gim-Spa (Comercial Cristamar. Marbella) Restaurante El Patio de los Perfumes (Marbella), Restaurante Tapelia (Nueva Andalucia), Estudio Interiorismo MIKKU (La Quinta Centro Comercial), La Reserva de Estepona (Juegos infantiles), Construcciones San José.

Jardinería Natural


Palacio Al Riyad Flia Real Saudi - Marbella, Palacio de Akram Ojjeh -Gardening Award, Marbella - 1984, Palacio Las Brisas -Gardening Award, Marbella - 1986, Palacio de Al Marzook - Marbella, Palacio Al Turky - Marbella, Palacio del Jeque Enany - Lomas del Marbella Club, Palacio de Khaled Al Marzook - El Cairo, Egipto, Palacio de Khaled Al Marzook - Kuwait City.


Hotel Marbella Dinamar (Marbella), Hotel Andalucía Plaza y Casino (N.Andalucía), Hotel Marina Golf (Benalmadena), Hotel Palmasol (Benalmadena), Hotel Happymag (Marbella), Hotel Hermitage (Casares).

Gardens designed by landscapers







Contemporany Garden






Classic Garden





         Provenzal Garden






       Xero garden

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Nursery - Viveros Estepona !

Viveros Estepona was founded by landscapers, agricultural engineers, construction experts, gardeners, builders... comprehensive service is offered from garden design to the setting and maintenance of all the elements, taking on the whole civil work: fountain installation, pergolas, decking, paths, walls, watering systems and illumination.
In our Nursery you will find a variety of Palm tree, and others kind of trees.
We have our own 16,000 m2 Nursery land in Estepona (Rio Padrón), Málaga.
We give expert advice free of charge !.

Our Priorities Quality and customised service is our priority. Viveros Estepona is one of the few nurseries that can say, "When it comes to every aspect of the nursery business, we've done it all !". Our objective is to get the best result at a competitive price, offering the best service.

The Nursery "Viveros Estepona", have 40 years in the wholesale nursery grower industry. You will receive quality plants at affordable prices !. We know how important your trust is when buying trees and plants at a nursery. We are a family operated nursery and have had success in the nursery industry for many years with a great reputation that speaks volumes when you sell plants. Photo Gallery

Our Plants Viveros Estepona specialized in tropical plant production, offering a wide variety of trees, Palm trees, etc
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Contact Address

Jardineria Natural SL Camino de las Alberdinas, salida/ Exit 160, A7, CP:29680, Estepona, Málaga, Spain,
+34 952 812 574 / + 34 654 509 480


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Jardinería Natural S.L, Camino de las Alberdinas, salida/ Exit 160, A7, Estepona, Málaga.
Phone: + 34 - 952 812 574
Phone: + 34 - 654 509 480