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The plants bulbs are a little miracle of nature buried an 'onion' and a few months later, I get a strong stem, with a lovely flower! Is more delicate, however, make them come back every year.

Before going to plant them !

Check the nature of his land and heavy clay soils , which retain much water in winter do not like the bulbs . They prefer the draining and rich land , as land limo . Everyone needs light, in varying proportions. The lack of light prevents not rebuild their reserves after flowering , bloom these increasingly . It is difficult , however , make the tulips flower again double flowers and imperial crowns that are very demanding. Prefer the easiest bulbs that naturalize re- planting himself in the garden. The grape hyacinths and snowdrops in large colonies are shrubs .
Summer bulbs such as dahlias, gladioli , are less demanding because they have to spend the winter on the ground. They need full sun also . As they leave a space in winter , provide replace them in the cold season , for winter interest plants such as heather or berzales colorful decoration .

When you go to plant !

Work the ball land if it is a bit sticky, enriched with materials to facilitate the flow of water as a fibrous substrate. Do not create a layer of gravel in the clay soil, even sometimes recommends planting bulbs this way. Water collects into bathtub and makes the bulbs to rot. Bury the bulbs to a good depth under three times the height of land. In sandy soil, it is better to plant a little deeper, and a little less draining soil. Put up the outbreak. If in doubt, plant them on their side, the stem itself find good guidance. No fertilizers or watering of them once you've planted: bulbs manage alone.

The Care!

Plants are plant bulbs really easy. No watering is necessary because they get alone at rest when conditions become unfavorable. Leave the foliage after flowering. It's not about cutting or tying in a bunch, because that would deprive them of light and would not bloom the following year.
In autumn, the bulbs start of summer and leave them in the basement, sheltered from frost and light, between 5-10 ° C. Do not forget to remember the label color. Bulbs that bloom in spring and have spent the winter in a land not need to be starting when wilt.


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