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Why prune?

The first tip is to prune as little as possible, if the great principles of pruning are not known, pruned branches faster than they are replaced, so it is better not to prune at all, to prune right and left, without any knowledge, because it requires some experience and know certain basic principles.

If often plants retain their natural poise and natural look that characterizes them, you may refer to the plants to pruning to guide orderly helps reduce its volume, and helps to increase the amount of flowers or who wants to get fruit. Pruning merely accelerate a natural process, so pruning is as useful to the gardener: keep your trees and shrubs in good health, improve the bloom and beauty of its foliage, form and master volume.

Trees and shrubs in good health

Better safe than sorry, regular care prevent most diseases. Delete the damaged, broken or whose bark is damaged to the level of a healthy part branches. Clear the center to let the air and light. Encourage the production of new branches to remove the oldest.

The flowers and leaves are nicer in the cup outside the plant. Encourage vigorous buds going towards the outer cut branches coming towards the center of the plant.
Cut branches silhouette and destroy the natural symmetry or unwanted plant, prune to strengthen weak branches carries only light pruning weak regrowth.

The basic rules of pruning

Pruning, whatever the plant begins primarily with some easy rules to follow. Once you have acquired these principles, you can throw in your yard work without fear.
Try to keep the natural shape of the tree or bush for as long as possible.
Start by removing dead branches , then remove the branches in double ( those that intersect and are in competition with other branches that have the same address ).
The cutting is performed at about 5 to 6 mm above a bud. Choose an outbreak located outward of scrub or tree branches. The new branch will not clog the center of the tree but will embody tree silhouette .
Make clean cuts avoiding tears. Place the cutting blade pruner toward the branch that remains on the ground. The plants hold up well disposal or size of a large diameter branches . Do not wait too annoying to cut branches. To cut a fat branch (over 5cm in diameter), avoid popping wood.

Protect wounds plant

Protect the wounds of a plant with a good healing product. When we buy a tree or shrub to a professional, this plant usually already formed and we are content to maintain the balance of the existing form. If you plant a sapling, form a trunk or main stem, if possible right after forming its branches, and then delete the terminal bud to promote healing.

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