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Seasonal flowers are plants that bloom or ready to buy already blooming. They live only a summer or fall, but give glory to a solid it takes to wake up; Care ... are delicate and need care!.

Before going to plant them !

Choose plants in bud, rather than those that are in flower. Select those with more buds to open flowers. Potted plants were covered with flowers grown most often in greenhouses, on very favorable terms, nothing had prepared to be outdoors, the wind, the cool nights, etc. There is therefore acclimatise for a few days at the foot of a place protected from drafts, the outer wall. Water them as needed so that the soil does not dry: this should stay a little damp to the touch when touched without forcing above.
Prefer varieties bloom again for a long time. Carnations of India for example, to form flower buds until the time of frost. Some plants bloom in mass but do not form cocoons, their effect is limited.

When you go to plant them !

Seasonal flowers are not meant to last long in the garden. Useless prepare as if it were a shrub or a perennial. Not Unravel the root ball, that will make fragile further. Remove the ground. This should be crumbly without compact blocks. Mix with a fertilizer rich in potassium, without exceeding the dose stated on the pack.
Plant it, cover with 2 inches of soil on top of the root ball. In heavy soil, install seasonal flowers, not the ground level if not on a high ridge of 5 cm.
Do not tamp the soil against the roots, water it heavily and will do itself.

The Care !

Seasonal flowers are fragile, even with good care. Interestingly protect when a meteorological weather that could damage them you approach. If a storm or shower of hail are advertised, cover plants a veil. Put them against the violent wind blows. Remove dead flowers to better preserve the vigor of the plant. Feel free to cut the ends of the stems if they are stretched excessively, to encourage it to branch.
The individual receiving seasonal flowers along its production, products that give them a denser more massive porte treatments. It is normal to develop in the garden, flowering plant change shape.

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