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Shrubs are more popular every time in the garden, as they last a long time and offer a variety of colors and shapes. It is the reason why we are seeing more shrubs outdoor decor!.

Before going to plant it !

A bush is a plant that forms stems that persist from one year to another, differ from perennials. Shrubs, like trees do well large or larger. Thyme is a tiny bush that does not exceed 50 cm in height.
The pittosporum has a nice bright green foliage, often reaches over 5 feet and can grow up to 8 meters and more: it is almost a tree!. The good reflection before planting a shrub is therefore to determine the size that will be in adulthood, both in height and width. Often shrubs become too high tend to become wider. Fill the holes with plants that occupy the space for as long as the bushes grow, before letting the site. These could be flowering plants or shrubs short life.

When you go to plant it !

Take care when putting your bushes in the ground, as they will be there for years. The operation is easier when you have put to soak in a bucket of water an hour before.
Use a claw or finger directly, and then can deploy in the planting hole. Water your bush regularly year after planting and a little less in subsequent years. No installed as fast as a small flowering plant!.

The Care!

The shrubs need little care compared to other types of plants. Contribution some manure if the soil is poor. With a little pruning are even more beautiful. Rose bushes and trees butterflies are exceptions because these shrubs imperatively need an annual pruning. Prune the other when they become too large or bulky or silhouette not seem balanced. As a rule, do not like to suffer a severe pruning. So do not wait years before intervening if a branch bothered: the earlier court, the better the result. A well-pruned shrub is, however, less sensitive to diseases. Finally, know that once past 20 years, many shrubs begin to decline because they are not trees and their life is limited.!

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