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All plants have their specific needs!

Learn how plants work and know your needs is essential to properly integrate them into your garden. Rose from the pine, in pots or in the ground, you must observe and understand each of your plants.


Whether it's a Palm or a small one that does not take place, we always like because they last for a lifetime. We like them for their foliage, flowering, its fruiting, its bark, its silhouette, shade, etc. Each tree has its history, including also your personality, but also have weaknesses and need to know.

Before going to plant it !

First check that the surroundings are not unfavorable to the presence of a tree to protect underground pipelines , foundations or slabs cemented etc nearby . Some trees are more or less powerful roots. However, the larger the tree, more underground space occupied !. Check also that the tree will not create harmful shadow. If it loses its leaves , and gives shade in summer , which is beautiful in sunny regions. If not lost ( most conifers, for example), will screen during the winter a shadow on a given length equal to ten times its height.
One of the important things to think about is the staging tree. Do you want to isolate it on the lawn, or combine it with other vegetables to garrison the base?. In the latter case, monitor well choose vegetable accompaniment, you should not give too much competition to the tree ... but should also be able to keep your feet as it grows. Some trees such as chestnut or walnut Indian ostracizing his feet, and there is hardly any plant that can be maintained. Some trees, such as apple company accepted delighted at his feet from other plants and is easy to integrate .

When you go to plant it!

Work the soil depth where the tree planting plan, taking the stones found. Feel free to unpack more than 60 cm deep.
It is a physical task that ensures proper development of long-term tree. Sin is a rocky subsoil, the tree would grow, because it could not progress in depth.

The Care!

Once planted, the trees do not need care. Only if there is a problem we must intervene: If it grows too prune the tree if the species it supports. A severe cutting of the branches, in most cases, disfigures the tree and his life sentence or a short order. You have to prune trees from his youth if you want to limit them. If a branch breaks, cut to 10 cm below the wound. Regularly inspect the bark. If cracks, leaks or emits wise, is that there is a problem. The diagnosis is never easy but know that anyway is hard to save a tree ...

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