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Gardening, is the art and practice of cultivating gardens. Is to cultivate both, open and closed space: flowers, trees, vegetables, etc, whether for aesthetic, for fun or for food and where economic objective whose achievement it is secondary.

The term "garden" is from XII century, seems to come from Latin hortus gardinus Germanic compound meaning literally "garden enclosed by a fence", from the Latin hortus, garden or garden francico, gart or "closed", as if the garden had to defend themselves against animals and even strangers.

Here we give you the tips you learn and have fun with gardening, so your houseplants or an outdoor stay nicer and you can get the most out of your garden.

With the arrival of fall also comes the colorful yellow and terrestrial fields, boulevards and avenues. The leaves of the trees flood the ground we walk and climate instability becomes gradually , a constant.
Therefore, this is a very important for plants to shrubs or trees of the gardens time : you have to take care and prepare them for the harsh winter and the arrival of spring sweet at the same time , have to go also thinking renew those plants that did not withstand the winter.

The gardens and patios are one of the places we most enjoyed our holiday , but sometimes we forget its decoration and design. Decorating a garden is something nice to have, it easy and worthwhile to devote some time to their care and decoration.

Always try to choose plants and grass to suit the climate of the area and require minimal maintenance. Nothing will serve you a great decoration in your yard , if the state of the plants and the grass is bad , so you have to choose them very well.

So on this site we have gathered a number of useful tips to treat your parks and gardens. The floors of your house can give you great satisfaction; in these pages we give tips that will be of great help . Visit us from time to time , in
Jardineria Natural - Viveros Estepona, we advise you without obligation ... come back soon ! .

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