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To encourage good growth of your trees, shrubs and plants, it is necessary to combat and eliminate all undesirable plant. The mechanical, chemical or thermal weeding are operations that will help your garden maintenance and growth of your plants.

Why should we remove?

No weeds in themselves, but invite plants without having asked. We should rather call them unwanted, because they can be good and other edible or useful for wildlife side. A garden where herbs undesirable run free it seems poorly maintained. From this point of view, removing them is a matter of aesthetics.

How compete the herbs?

Plants do it spontaneously emerging competition cultivated plants. Almost always, we planted vegetables do not grow spontaneously in our region. We use in our gardens many exotic plants that come from other regions of the world. Compared with the surrounding native plants, these plants are less well adapted to garden conditions. Weeds often thrive from seed, growing roots where they germinate. They are perfectly adapted to garden conditions. When a weed is implanted next to a cultivated, in almost all cases will be better equipped than the second to exploit the riches of the land and steal nutrients. Weeds pose a competition with cultivated plants. The roots of the weeds "steal" the mineral elements from the soil to the crop. As weed is better fed better develop , and steal the light to the crop , which is doubly disadvantaged . If the gardener do not involve the law of nature triumphed. It is therefore necessary to remove them, at least until the crop is strong enough to overcome competition from weeds.

Disease Transmission !

The Weeds plants can carry diseases that can be transmitted to plants. From where are these aphids swarm in spring than in seeds?. Often weed hidden in a container serves as aphids winter shelter, leaning on the young plants at the first opportunity. In the garden is the same. An orchard surrounded by weeds may be subject to some diseases.
Removing them is a good way to ensure development of crop plants.


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